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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas and Birthdays ---- Never Ending --- But Fun

I am just about done with Christmas shopping and I am so happy about that.

Today is my oldest child's birthday. Robby is 24 today and it seems strange. I can remember having him like it was a few days ago, why is that? Well he is a great son and I am very proud that 24 years later he turned out so wonderful. I hope I can make his birthday a good one. He wants a homemade dinner and a movie tonight, he's not into parties so we don't get to throw one for him, I used to just do one any ways but he seemed unhappy so I thought since its his day I should listen to what he wants. My daughter and my step kids seem to like the parties a little more so I still get the party fix lol. My daughters boyfriend has a birthday right after Christmas and I think he is a lot like my son as far as not liking a lot of frills but hopefully we get to have a small party for him since this is our first year with him.

I plan on finishing up my Christmas shopping this weekend and then the present wrapping will begin, I do enjoy that so as long as I don't wait till the last minute. I have a couple of homemade gifts I have to get done. I am sewing my nephew Ethan something. Then next month is my nephew Parker birthday and I have to finish something I have been sewing him, I guess its a never ending thing. Then my new little baby niece Macey will be born Jan. 5th, so I can always think of something to make her. I bought a new dress pattern for my niece Sarah to make for her birthday in March. See what I mean, it just keeps on going.

Well I gotta get to work. Happy Holidays everyone.

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Dave Keating Photography said...

I'm glad you wrap the presents, and so are the people getting them;-)