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I have 5 beautiful kids (2 that I had and 3 that my husband had) I am married to the perfect person, he's funny, kind and he's my best friend. We love doing so much of the same things. God is most important in my life, my family and friends are right up there too. I pray my kids will find love and happiness. I hope I have lots of grandchildren some day. I enjoy doing crafts, scrapbooking,sewing, gardening, reading, having family and friends over and I want to write a book someday, that about describes me.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Update of my week and for my weekend

This week has been great, my friend from Texas is here and I love seeing her. She had to bring her almost 90 year old mom to a rest home here. I plan on visiting her a lot so I can give Jerris updates and keep her mom company. She is a great lady that I have known for 30 years. My friend is so wonderful I wish she lived here again. She leaves on Saturday to see her son and I leave on Saturday to go to Fremont to a baby shower, which is going to be so fun. I am going with another friend and my mother-in-law and we are staying 1 night. We plan on going to a big mall while were there. Then on Sunday if I get home early enough I plan on trying to weed some if its not raining. Sometimes its ok to be busy.

I keep working on Jerris to talk her into moving here but she keeps saying it's so cheap to live in Texas. But she does have a lot of family and friends in California. I'll just keep working on her :) It never hurts to try.

Dave took a photograph and donated it to one of our events at my work and everyone loved it. Its really beautiful, its for our silent auction and I'm sure its going to sell for a pretty penny.

I bought my mom a new sweater and she was really happy with it so I guess I made her day.
I guess that's my update for now.


Betsy said...

Look at you...spreading all that love around!

Your new header picture is beautiful!

Bobbi said...

That's great you had such a nice time with her. Heidi was down and I got to see her for a couple hours. Maybe you can stop by tomorrow if you get time. We are going to do yardwork on Sunday also.

Ronda said...

Betsy, thank you for the compliment, that was at my Chritmas party for work, my husband is a phtograher and took the pictures that night, except that one my daughter took of us. I like how it turned out.

Ronda said...

Sorry Bobbi, I was out of town. I wish I could have seen Heidi too. I went to Rosies babyshower in Freemont. It was really nice, but a long shower. I even won a prize. Did you get to do yardwork?