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I have 5 beautiful kids (2 that I had and 3 that my husband had) I am married to the perfect person, he's funny, kind and he's my best friend. We love doing so much of the same things. God is most important in my life, my family and friends are right up there too. I pray my kids will find love and happiness. I hope I have lots of grandchildren some day. I enjoy doing crafts, scrapbooking,sewing, gardening, reading, having family and friends over and I want to write a book someday, that about describes me.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Its been a while since I've posted. Work has been so busy, we've had 2 events since I last posted and they both went great. We hired 2 new employee's at work and they are both great to work with, which makes work easier.

Easter was wonderful and we had a great time. My family and my husbands family all got together and had one big dinner, it was so nice. Church service that day was especially great.

Just recently my mom fell and broke her hip, she had to have surgery which was awful. I feel so bad for her, she is normally so active and works and now she is completely laid up. She has to use a wheelchair and a walker and can only use one leg. She is staying at my younger sisters house because she needs help with everything. Its really hard for her to accept help too. I am helping her job, which I already work full time She has never had anything happen to her before so this is really hard for her, I just pray she heals and is able to be active again. We have lots of people praying for her so I know everything will work out.

My brother in law just got a new job so that is something great, he has been looking for a long time now and it is really a blessing to his family.

My daughter is working 2 jobs and I am so proud of her, she is trying to pay off her bills sooner than later. My step daughter just graduated from college and received her Bachelors degree, I am also very proud of her. My son and step son both just finished another year at junior college and are doing good and my youngest step son is about to graduate from high school and he plans on going to college and he gets outstanding grades (usually all A's) How lucky are we as parents. I know its bragging but in this day and age to have 5 kids and they are all doing so wonderful I feel is a huge accomplishment for them and us. We do pray a lot for them and they have great values and morals, they are outstanding adults.

We plan on cleaning our garage, our yard and our sunroom this summer, I can't wait. I love to get things done and see the results. I want to finish painting and finish our tile work inside the house too. We have to get new windows and paint the outside of the house too. Lots of project but all good things. Our house will look wonderful when its all done.

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