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I have 5 beautiful kids (2 that I had and 3 that my husband had) I am married to the perfect person, he's funny, kind and he's my best friend. We love doing so much of the same things. God is most important in my life, my family and friends are right up there too. I pray my kids will find love and happiness. I hope I have lots of grandchildren some day. I enjoy doing crafts, scrapbooking,sewing, gardening, reading, having family and friends over and I want to write a book someday, that about describes me.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thankfulness takes away bittnerness

I'm trying to learn to accept things I can't change and to be thankful for my many many Blessings.

1. I can't change who doesn't like me to be related to me (some by blood, others by marriage) and they don't have to like me. I am blessed with lots of family who do like me.

2. I can't make other's change even if I know if will help our life. I am blessed with a great life so I can't control every part of it.

3. I can't expect someone to think I'm wonderful, just because I think they are. God thinks I'm wonderful and that should be enough.

4. I won't have to struggle with money problems forever so I need to realize its only a temporary problem and not worry about it and just keep working hard. God always provides for me and my family no matter what.

5. I don't judge people on how they look so if others judge me that way, they are not worthy people. God doesn't judge me that way, and only His opinion matters.

6. I know people don't always appreciate me at work or in my personal life but that's OK because God always does and I have remember its not about me. Everything we do should be for the Glory of God.

7. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, the most awesome children on earth, and a loving family (well the ones who do love me) lol, and I have God, so how much more can I be Blessed!

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